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Artist: Zoro Feigl
Title: Poppy
Editions: 2 (one 9 meter, one 6 meter)
Year: 2008-2012
Materials used: Steel, motor, tarpaulin
Size: 9 or 6 mtrs (To be made site specific, min 6 m or 9 m)
Description: As a giant poppy flower this piece of tarpaulin unfolds itself to show an elegant dance of waves and curls while within this dance a violent battle emerges between gravity, friction and centrifugal forces.
Price: 20 000 euro (Ex BTW/VAT) 9 m version
15.000 euro (Ex BTW/VAT) 6 m version
9 m version is shown at the Verbeke Foundation, Belgium.
6 m version Volkskrant Beeldende Kunstprijs, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Prototypes/previous versions:
Kunstvlaai Amsterdam 2008,
Beeld Hal Werk Amsterdam 2010