Anouk Griffioen – Museum of Nature


Museum of Nature has been shown at Rijksmuseum Twenthe (8 panels), at Drawingcentre Diepenheim (3 panels); at Erasmus Gallery.
Museum of Nature III, IV and V are sold to Erasmus Gallery.
Each panel 345 x 215

In her photographs, control over nature has acquired a concrete form. The elements of nature have been rethought. Creating images from places that many of us would probably pass without a second thought.

When hung side by side they become cinematic subjects and appear like film extra’s waiting for instructions, a drift in negative space seemingly without context. Navigating the Imaginary changes abruptly by switching panels and new drawings disturbing the previous image.

In there monumentality the drawings allow the viewer to step into the space and therefore by implication, into my very own anthropology.

While putting nature into a concrete cube you have to take under consideration aspect of audience/ consumer. Nature becomes easy for tourists or a landscape turns into a meditative theatre. Searching the contrast between an overgrown foliage and the possibility of an opening.