OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE – Oranda Loci (Upcoming)

The ORANDA LOCI project contains a broad range photographs of situations made in the Japanese landscape. The vital element of our approach remains combining the perspectives of both of us in one work.
 This results in two sets of photographs; an OTANI set in Shinji’s style and a NIEUWENHUIZE one in Johan’s style. These two sets of pictures are being combined into new photographic works and a new book.


As artist duo OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE we have spent a residency period in April 2019 in Ukiha on Kyushu, Japan, where we started developing our new project, ORANDA LOCI.

During this period we applied our new way of working to our new photography project about the influence of the historic relationship between the Netherlands and Japan. We are now working towards a series of exhibitions in Japan, Belgium and the Netherlands starting the end of 2019.

We will be working with designer Hans Gremmen on a publication of the project, his publishing house Fw: is considering issuing the book.

The work we make during the residency will be developed into gallery and museum exhibitions in Japan and the Netherlands. The gallery exhibitions will exist of a series of framed works, the museum exhibitions will also a short film on the project and a work in progress film made by filmmaker Jerry de Mars.

Preview/making of see: trendbeheer.com/2019/05/14/otani-nieuwenhuize-oranda-loci

See also johannieuwenhuize.nl/work/oranda-seishin-2019-work-in-progress